How to write fiction

Learn to code for writing? Loving the problems?


You have to love solving the problems arising out of whatever it is you’re doing. Yep.

Do you hate having troubles? Then you’re not where you should. Living is a problem. Writing scripts has problems. A novel is a dragon size problem. Short stories are modest problems then? Not if you’ve been lucky enough to read Borges, Monterroso or Bradbury. And I’ll apologize for leaving Chejov and Tolstoy out of the list but for a Spanish speaker, the MONSTER is Borges.

Even a blog has trouble. Tuesdays comes, no idea what to write about… back then, now I know translating awaits and then the problems go like: Which is the following entry?, Is it translatable? (some entries are translations from English thus…), Am I translating it right or am I just doing Spanglish?, Is it in need of updating?, Do I part it to make it smaller to be more readable? 

Saturdays. And the narratology topic is… Harsh on me; it is difficult for me to understand and hence, I have to choose between writing about not understanding or writing whatever it is i understood. Or using about any other quote I’ve found by Terry Pratchett or whatever.

Indeed… I LIKE IT! It is inconvenient, and I have to wake up earlier whenever I haven’t written the entry on time or suffer cause there’s no internet signal and feel like I should work on time… Stop procrastinating, work harder and be better. Nonetheless, there’s me going through it; entertaining myself I’m doing a super big contribution to fiction telling. When all I’m doing is mumbling nonsense yet devil may care. I’m just a failure so a failure must write.  

Oh, commercial stop. This was, in Spanish, entry no. 100. I made it past the 100! (I couldn’t believe it). Commercial break end.


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