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Creeping up with the Joneses

Numi was the first one to notice it. She had gone to take out the garbage, dragging her feet and mumbling she would never send her kid to take out the garbage, when she saw it.

Deirdre Jones had gone out too. She had taken out the slightly sticky but fashionable XL brand new earthworm home pet to get its dinner. Numi stared at Deirdre laughing while the earthworm scavenged the scattered leftovers of food and grass, Deirdre had poured on the lawn. Afterwards the earthworm (wearing a dog collar with the tag «Larry»), eagerly creeped up the high benches where the Joneses cultivated their OWN tomatoes and pumpkins. He excreted by all his pores a brown powder over the loam. When it finished, it shook and went back to Deirdre. She hugged it lovingly. Numi thought that was disgusting. That… Nude skin with a little bit of mucus all over. It had no eyes…

Numi left the biodegradable plastic garbage bag laid anyway to run inside home and scream:

— Mom! I want one of those creepers too!

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