Don’t grind your teeth

The burning smell told her the Zodiac grinder had spelt its last moments. She watched the light of the ceiling sparkling to the power of a sudden electricity burst. Was this all? No! For disgraces come in three. Everybody knows that.

Just this morning she remembered the last night she had to grind teeth because her wife had taken the remaining powder for going to curse a new born. But she had felt to tired, she had gone to sleep. Her wife was still sleeping the hangover…

Now, she had no powder to fly and no food processor to grind. She peeked through the mouse hole that was their door. Meowrice, the cat, was licking his paws waiting for her to come out. And the human of the house was around, vacuuming! Who vacuums this early in the morning? Was her silent complaint.

She went to the pantry and searched. At least they still had some catnip. This was dangerous. Cats like to eat fairies. That’s why houses with cats never have «poltergeist problems». Marley went to the mouse hole and blowed some catnip outside. Meowrice blinked, jumped onto his four paws and smelled the catnip cautiously. Marley walked slowly. Her legs wanted to run like the devil but she knew the cat would chase anything that moved fast. She needed to be slow but swift. She scurried herself behind the beige fur of the cat and started climbing. A hand, a foot, hand, foot. Little by little.

Once up there, she held onto the intoxicated cat’s collar and whispered malignant: «Fur and claws, all to do my will. To the market in April street». Meowrice obeyed. He went to the cat door and passed through, went up the white fence and surrounded the house.

The whole block was behind when the dog came up barking. Poor Meowrice took it as a signal to scape. Which he did. Marley was flying hanging from the cat’s collar while she repeated to herself again and again: «Don’t grind your teeth. Don’t grind your teeth»

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