There is a foot loose

Today I woke up to the ranting of mistres Nuren downstairs, like every single morning. What was a little bit different was that her child, sounded really alarmed about his new pet running away.
I won’t bother you with the details of my toilette nor with the detailed account of the dull breakfast I had. Mrs. Nuren isn’t exactly what you would call the best cook of the apartment block… Her child, a strangely malnourished creature with black under his eyes, looked a little paler (if white can become paler) than usual when I glimpsed at him, quietly eating the same breakfast I was.
As Mrs Nuren hates the sound of my machine, I park it a block away with Mr. Mehmet. Mr. Mehmet loves to take care of my purring girl keeping her groomed and fed. He was already waiting for me at his gate door.

—Morning miss Sonia — he squirmishes looking at the sky before letting go of advice and grabbing my shoulder — You shouldn’t go out today. There’s a foot loose in the city — I stare at him perplexed until I blink, unable to digest the information. Then I look at the hand ony shoulder. Mr. Mehmet let’s go of his hold —Just saying miss Sonia. Sometimes strange things happen.

I shake off the strange feeling that the human ability to connect dots and create conspiracy theories should be used this time and I don the beautiful red dragon custom drawn on my helmet. Then I ride my Ducati. The machine purrs like a kitty (a very big one) and off we go.

The speed! It is great to feel the power to get ahead of cars and lorries in short sections of the highway. Tough, of course, I don’t break any speed limit… I’m Queen of the world for a minute. The sun warms, the wind sings around my meteor of a person and world stays behind in fast motion.

Crack. That’s quite a loud sound at my left. So strange… Crack. Another loud sound to my right. Is it a stupid lorry driver? Usually they give me space to run along them since they like looking at my legs but… There’s always someone too stuck up… I almost crash against the guard rail.

Crack and the yellow lorry behind me has become a big hole on the asphalt. Again, there’s a breaking sound of the ground and a red lorry makes another hole directly behind.

I need to up the speed. As crazy as it sounds, there’s a big lone foot running along the highway towards downtown. I glance back to try to guess which way it is jumping onto next every time it falls on the bridge.

This, this is unbelievable. That foot has a collar around its ankle with a plate. The plate has a telephone number: 55 XX XX xx xx. No way! That’s the telephone number of the house! Martell needs to know where his pet is!

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