Brain swap

I turned around and stared at him. Usually my boyfriend will complain a lot about my drinking. He doesn’t complain because I drink per se, but because he has to remain sober since he has work next day (He is a writer so he can’t actually take a day off like everybody else).

This time, he didn’t say a thing. He took the tequila bottle from my hand and took a large drink. Then, he took my hand and took me to the karaoke stage. My favourite song (the one my boyfriend hates)!

We sang. It was just amazing! He sings very well… Wait. I must be dreaming. But no. I’m not. He is singing-drinking with me. No more tequila. We ask for beer, a large one for each.

I need to tell this to Parsley. Patrick Slay is my best friend from college and we all three hang out to drink once a month. We all graduated from the same place but only Konrad did the English literature track thing. Parsley and I did electric engineering.

There he is! In a table a little far from us. He looks slightly out. No way he is already wasted! Green as a Christmas girdle, he jumps on to his heels and goes out running to the bathroom. I follow him out of concern. I have never seen him that green after two caballitos. I listen to him puking from the other side of the door. I lean my back on the door and think. My gut tells me it is better if I go back to my man. He is being everything I’ve dreamt.

The bathroom’s door is very close to the kitchen. I have to wait for a waiter to pass… Was that? No. But I haven’t drunk that much, have I? There was a scratch of removed make up. And under it, skin so gray it looks dead. I shudder… Can it take a picture of it?

Hiding behind the columns, I make my way to the kitchen and hide right besides a shelf that holds white ceramic dishes. The waiter gets closer to the chef. A strangely red and tentacle moustached guy in a black uniform .

—Has any other table ordered it?
—Only the idiot of the red hair did. We swapped his brain with the tall guy of the goatee.
—I can’t collect data like this! — he leaned on the table on his hands — You need to promote better that beverage or the queen will try it with ourselves

So that’s it… I think I like my BOYFRIEND even better now.

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