How to write fiction

Why to start with the ending? [when writing] p2


Some paths get blocked once you know the outcome. Although it is true you can never know what is happening in reality, the principle of impossible omniscience that helps us from knowing the real reality; and that the thoughts of alive people is almost impossible to know, the least if they’re dead; some actions disappear as soon as you know the outcome.

Logically, that doesn’t mean there’s a one and only linear way. It only reduces possibilities. It is one’s job to find the correct sequence. Which is something machines do better than humans beings.
This is what makes writing an impossible process to describe. It is you and you alone who will find how to make it work.

Thus, it is easier to wipe out what’s there wasting space. And no matter how much, editors claim they want the plot clean of it. I’ve read novels that repeated the same idea thrice! If you were to take out that much out, the novel would have been a movie script. Or a TV series script.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean the 70,000 to 100,000 words some authors can summon out of nowhere are useless. Some people can write that much. Others don’t. I don’t. But I’m not published so this advice might not be good at all.

Looking backwards is what has you knowing which stone of the way to move for the character to go this or that way into the woods. Or thrown themselves cliff down. Maybe a furious rhino?


You can always rewind the tape and review where is it that you lost the logic or when it happened that someone changed their minds. And if your characters are like mine, when to get them into the interrogation room.

Anyways, this is nonsense and just an opinion. It for sure might be wrong. Oh, and remember, if anything else fails, just have a good time. Pasto kalo.

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