How to write fiction

Light your writing fire with anger

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Is your husband not just looking but also measuring his waist with the neighbour’s legs? The bloody beep (censure sound for those faint of heart towards those kinds of words) of your co-worker left you doing the project alone? The file is missing? Your wife managed to have you fed up and you left her? The f#_-66 corona virus had you at home and now you’re friendless, penny less and etc?

WRITE. Well, you already know you can exchange the verb write with whatever it is you do for a passion. Anyways, writing is like designing, composing, embroidering or engineering (the words does not exist on Spanish, engineers do their things but they don’t engineer).

Raw feelings are the best possible fuel. What are you feeling? A major belly crush down? Your jaws go cemented together? Are you spewing and spitting bad words left and right (perhaps only in your brain cause you’re a proper decent citizen)? Do you feel like using someone’s head to mop the floor?

Take out your work notebook and write or draw. Use the notes of your new Galaxy, Huawei (are they banned in your country?), i-Phone, Redmi (this ain’t advertising, just an enunciation of possibilities). Ah…

Remember to backup it and save the thing for later. Suing is the new 21st century’s sport. You might use it with different characters, change locations to the sea or the mountain. Change the circumstances a bit. And then, add this famous and beautiful warning before the writing or machine[1]:

None of the about to be mentioned events are real nor should be taken as facts. Neither any of the institutions are based in any real or existing to the date, institutions. Everything here is purely fictional and a by-product of my imagination. Any attempt to sue me will only reveal itself as an act of confession for, any likeness to reality, is a mere coincidence and I (the author) am not omniscient. Of course, you might feel like demonstrating the opposite but in such case, you will be proving I am god.

Would you like to add a comment proving I’m a goddess? What about gifting me with a small offering in heart shape? Pasto kalo and thank you for reading.

[1] Even cereal needs warnings, doesn’t it?

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