How to write fiction

Why never trash any ideas for writing!

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Sometimes an idea, badly written and in appearance a sucker, can become a short story — and now I can say for sure that extra short does count too[1].

Patricia Highsmith wrote that some ideas aren’t worth a long piece but they can entertain you through ten pages length — perhaps a blog entry a little shorter but cuter than many (wink).

She also tells how two short stories burps for a magazine ended being rejected (by the magazine) whilst those same burps were bought by American TV and the BBC as scripts — obviously revamp trudged.

Thus: never trash any! Let it boil in low fire until it becomes consomé. If you have cooked, you must already know (and if you don’t, such is my purpose in life to tell); you might waste an hour and a quarter of life, preparing something that will be chewed and swallowed down in about 20 minutes or less and the thanks will be omitted or supersede[2]. Tough, it does disappear.

Shall I remind you of the existence of that work notebook of yours or the smartphone notes. Oh… Do backups [3]. External hard drives and laptops die… (And I cry, my 2014 photos!).

Keep in mind that I’m minding the ideas. Not of cluttering the house with books and paper. It’s quite awful to get slushed over.

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[1] For there’s a book made of two sentences horror tales

[2] Yeah, I know people are entitled to chew and enjoy the food but in my family, food tends to simply disappear.

[3] I do think and that’s why I’m suffering right now about the blue flash drive death.

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