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Today… today we will be meeting the hero’s entourage. The king can’t rule without a court and we can’t have fun without the gossip from it… The hero needs helpers or predecessors to show him/her the way.


All right. All quest has a trio or a pair or an entourage. Dorotea didn’t go to Oz land without Toto or the Lion, the Scarecrow and the Tin man. Arthur can’t win without Excalibur.

We need at least two fundamental extras in the journey. She (woman?[1]) will meet someone to guide her into the secrets of using the product or service or company. The reason of having companions is to assist the hero during her journey. We need someone to take the bullet or to leave the hero behind so the hero needs to change and reach the last trial.

Link… Our hero gets a Fae. Navi[2]. A GPS Waze sort of thing to show us where to look at to find treasure or weapons. Second encounter is Princess Zelda. The one to teach us the ocarine Time music, the one to … Be rescued. She is the ultimate goal. Without her, no Time is possible and without her, the hero’s last trial won’t happen.

Going on with the example of the heroine about to crash school subject. Let’s say she meets the older student about to graduate and get a job who will teach her how to use the app to acquire the secrets of algebra. And remember, since this is MY blog and I am a little crazy, this is nonsense.


More than magical elements such as the sword in the stone and the red shoes, we need a snowball. We need the odds or happenings which will bring CHANGE. The passing exam, the dead enemy with the magical sword, the words saying «Let’s go home». The sunlight and rainbow after the storm. The part where this blog almost disappeared but there was someone to pay for its hosting and name (hurray!). That.

There has to be snowball and melted snowball. Magic. Without magic life is gray, dull, expendable. Why do you think Harry Potter is popular? Just because it is a good book on friendship? No, there’s magic.

Nuval Yoah Harari says the most difficult thing of life is to reckon life has been in vain. Legs and sight lost to war in vain. Time wasted to gain a new car in vain. So the plot. We need purpose. A meaning. For sure what’s to come has to be better. And Mark Mason talks of the same stuff. We know hope because we can’t live without it. Within that without, is that we can sell things.


The third trial or the last boss. To our webinarist, life changed lalalaland. The character knows of the product/service/company and their existence has been solved. Zaz! The webinarist tells us not to create a fairy tale… Ha. We have been creating one! That the ending has to be ground based doesn’t mean fairy tales are out of what we have been doing… We are introducing nothing less of a fairy tale. In real life no product saves us from whatever chore it is we’re running away from.

The final boss part of the fable can be summarised as a question: what happened in their life (heroine/hero) that it changed?


It is and it isn’t. You already know we make it up by telling half truths and half lies. Lauren Ho advised us against real names or real descriptions unless we wish to end up with a law suit and a lawyer all over. If you’re to change the fable, change it. It is true whatever anyone will tell you will end up a plot. But it has to be a very well rumminated one.

Change the names to protect those guilty ones… You, in the first place. Change things to protect those innocents of becoming guilty of making money in spite of you.


I think the webinarist is overlooking the most important thing about fairy tales and hero trips. Something Ofelia Pastrana mentions in her YouTube video about influencers (in Spanish…).


People have pictures. Pictures of us smiling. Even if we had an argument in Christmas. FB has the ultimate photo of the last trip. Never the waiting in the airport. We have the picture of our last running (not me, I can barely run a block) but never confess we run because we feel old or whatever.

And it is not like we are lying. But we want our life to have purpose and be a great story. We want to be happy… So we smile hopping the smile will stuck to our face. The playwright of having things grounded in half lies is thus the fact we will end up with something impossible. Like well behaved kids who think in their parents first. Anyone here with kids under 20 who think first in you? Exceptional occurs. But normalcy won’t promote babies. Or smoking.

Add honey to the last trial’s result. Now you work at home. Now you work doing what you like. Now you can watch the most popular series without falling asleep in front of the tube. There’s no reading and reading to write a blog entry because you can steal content with an app.

Do you feel like joining my hero journey sending a heart? Or suscribing? Maybe encouraging me or discouraging me (bad comments are fuel too, so if you really want to do so you better keep quiet) with a comment?

Next entry. A tale from seven years ago. I’d like to have fun reading the bad comments. I want to see how much I’ve changed and learnt from writing this nonsense of a blog.

Pasto kalo.

[1] Do you remember He-man?

[2] I have a brother. He is the one who played Zelda Ocarine of time. I can’t play videogames since I get dizzy with the camera angle movements. I’m a fan of Link and I like a lot movie time video sequences of games. Like the one FF with a Tidus in it. Don’t remember the number of FF but I do remember Yuna and Tidus and that I didn’t watch the end. That’s how I know about this game and not about the newer ones…

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