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Storytelling to have them wrapped around your finger p1

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Since the last translation, I changed a little the title to keep interest… Yeah, if there can be one or two interested readers. 

Otherwise, the entry would simply have the same name with some «p» for «part» attached. I’m still nonsensing on how the non writers are learning how to write to make people fall in love with their product’s and services. Thus, here I am, nonsensing about storytelling.


The journey does start. We need to explore the possibilities from the spark.

We need to get to the moment when the production or service saved us from an everyday need but we still have to start somewhere.

Similarly, Link begins his journey in the Kokiri forest, where I think I remember he is taught how to play the ocarine by Zelda. Anyways, he starts in the forest, the pure place of spirits.

Our normal character (as in the everyday person to be saved by said product/service) starts an exceptional day (thus of normal everyday person the character has nothing). And likewise he/she has to fight the odds: reading books and listening to webinars, learning code, spent the whole night studying to Red Bull and aspirin.

These difficulties will make it more believable and relatable. And they have to be there. The thing of selling is to make the audience believe we are solving their problems. We offer the best books and webinars with a certificate that will guarantee a job. A fast and easy way to learn code… An energetic drink to study the whole night without falling asleep. Sleep is needed and magical ways don’t exist. There are tools but I prefer the tool of my own mind.

Next entry will deal with evidence and following the suspect… Ah! , this is about the hero’s journey and not a black novel. Next time… evidence and witnessing, the storytelling has to prove the service/product solves the problem. And the sentence still sounds like I’ll write about crime.

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