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Is love plot a fairy tale? 2nd wing

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The tooth fairy attacks again and is ready to take the tooth we spoiled by consuming sweet-sweet love plots. But she might take a detour and start by resting in the library.


This one will have truly unique characters. Characters that won’t hook just you. Therefore selective (a.k.a. reduced, limited, snobby) audience follows. This ain’t the realm of black novel. This is the kingdom of privileged minds. The one of the unrequited, twisted, lost or plainly f@+$7$7 love. In this one the plan is overly simple… Rats! It is not.

You need a pair of guys pathetic enough to move our hearts either by hurting or laughing (scratch that, laughing is beyond the L).

Generic romance and deep Nat Geo immersions about love are so different from getting a battle fresh hero or a coffee in a rainy day to get a simple smile out of you. They explore love as something disappointing that might happen, might not or might twist everything.

Ana Karenina loves. But it ain’t legal under the pretences of morality. Kitty’s love is domestic and long lasting. Florentino Ariza waits and waits and waits…. Who waits that much? (He alone exceeded the ten years Penelope waited). Margaret finds herself head butting Mr. Thornton about workers’ rights whilst ignoring herself falling in love. Elizabeth and Darcy grow up together to realize… We don’t always see it all. Constance and Oliver who leave behind the knightly love of the lists and bring home sex as an issue when women should just stay satisfied with living home. Doña Flor gets her life upside down chased by a lusty ghost and overly frustrated by the new cozy husband…


First the first. Sentimentality ain’t bad. It is just different from feeling and it is convenient to know the difference.

One gets you a lot of audience. The other might bring you a prize… After a lot of years.
The first is quite usual in k and c dramas (no, don’t yell it is not… for I’m sure it is quite easy to find sentimentality in those and I still watch them). No? They recreate feelings in a very vague way to appeal to universal horoscope experience. It has to fit to anyone reading. Today you might encounter love, fun and passion. You need to experience playful situations despite your partner’s opinions…  Is this your horoscope[1]?

He loved her as teenagers love…. Foolishly, inexperienced and hardheaded believers of something. Raise your hand if you have been a teenager.

They were mortal enemies. There we go mind up to mental archive and find someone we hated.

With the beauty of mothers: mothers adding fabric softener to pink blankets with little rabbits. Well made up, slim and perfect.

I felt butterflies in the stomach.

Totally alien to poetry. The bastard poetry of white petticoats and long legs partnered by almond eyes. The one of surgery knifes exacting in alluring acute similes. The feeling bagged in silk that unless you unroll it in boiling water, won’t tell you a thing. The dead mermaid at the feet of the fisher who rejected his soul, becoming white foam and white flowers respectively. A crime against conformity. Green hair and green bristles to green wind.

Don’t misunderstand. One ain’t more valuable or important than the other. They’re simply different. Knowing it is the key to know what we’re to write. We can’t satisfy if we don’t know which to use. Feeling is heavy and will miserably sink a light easygoing piece to lift up spirits. Sentimentality will vanish overnight in a “master piece of world Literature”.

What is it that you write? The first requires the reader to do your job and mastery to get them to do it. The second, to guide the reader. Neither requires less work than the other.

To end the nonsensing; I’ll declare myself k-durama fan in spite of the predictable plots, bad acting and etcetera. Disguised under the pretense of practicing learning a new language. Can’t I be a tad hypocrite? Thus, it’s time to go watch a new episode of the durama of turn; meanwhile you decide to love or hate the entry. Did you like it a lot and want to belong here? Subscribe! Would you like to recommend a good love with L, plot? Comment!

Pasto kalo.

[1] Perhaps you’re a Leo, right? And this is July the 25th of 2023.

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