Sunday word hunter: poetry and nonsense,  To beloved ones

Lascivious advice

crop faceless couple holding hands on balcony
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Whisper twister,
Your warm breath on my ear.
Your eyes caress-slime on my breast.
All I do is cover with wings,
Things I can’t confess.

Your wrinkles sparkle,
And it burns inside.
The horns amidst your locks,
And I’d like to hold myself there….
Covering with wings,
The things I won’t tell.
Ideas of furnace,
Bad advice….
I can’t help to desire.

Day after day,
Your hooves crushing on leaves.
Closer to the meadow,
Splashing the creek.
And I can’t tell but help,
My chest wishes ahead.
Oh bad advice,
You shouldn’t murmur to Cupid.

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