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Is love plot a fairy tale? 1st wing

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So, we have proved love is true… Ronald B. Tobias introduces a bunch of unknown (to me, maybe you’re a lot more knowledgeable than I am and that ain’t sarcasm) tales in his book of the 20 master tales. Such as Orpheus and Eurydice[1], the African Queen and some guy called Adam Bede to tell us:

«It seems the higher up you go in the hierarchy of literature, the more unhappy love stories get.»

Adam Bede

Is it? Well, if I take a look at Shakespeare it is understandable. At least one of his love stories end up with two corpses. Gatsby… I don’t remember a lot of Gatsby but the fact that he woke up very early so I never noticed the great unrequited love (passive obsession?) story with Daisy[2].

This plot is like… (according to Ronald B. Tobias), or more like IT IS (regardez moi) A FAIRY TALE.


Here it comes the magic or the alchemy (as Big Choma calls it). The love plot has its anchor attached to the charm and plausibility of the character.

To begin with, a common relatable name. Mary, Rick, Enrique, Fernanda, Malik or Fatima or Woojin and Hye Na; meet at school, the job, at the street, taking a taxi, a weeding. Anyplace we have been at least once (even if it is the millionaire’s house, the other party uses to be working under them… Thus, working). Never in a place like the hadrons collider, having a genius physics brother at the NASA, a mother with her own fashion brand or the dentist…

Unless it is an action gig. Then, unusual and hardly probable are at hand to add excitement by adding sexual attraction fantasies go the vodka vermouth of the bullet rain. That it used to be common to portray sexual attraction as love in romcoms and other romances in the love at first sight concept of things… (Some might retaliate saying this plots are just stories and we’re well aware things don’t happen that way in real life… I’d like to see a single one individual—aromantic people don’t count — who hasn’t very deep and innerly wished for this kind of thing to happen to them).

Anyways, you would need avatar situations and avatar characters whom are in appearance really unique yet they very only require our photo overlapping to feel identified. Specially if the one looking for love is down and in a bad streak of unfortunate events…(talking of Korean clichés) In real life we’re our most attractive when happy.

How so? Because I definitely feel more sympathetic towards a Japanese woman dealing with male chauvinism in any office than to any every other day genius.


In the original entry, I babble about how a novel with a 21 y. o. genius girl who finished school as a psychiatrist or psychologist and becomes a loner billionaire’s therapist with psychological trauma (not in touch with the rest of his siblings, all of them owners of their own companies);  ends up flying midair towards the garbage bin. Why? I’m middle aged, definitely not a genius (I even doubt if I’m barely intelligent at all for I’m a writer instead of a stock broker) and I have maybe met millionaires (who buys Squalo necklaces, millionaires or simply wealthy people?) but not billionaires[3].

And right now you might be wondering:<<Why does this woman said «exception» when she rants about the novel flying midair? >>It has to do with some reason but… That is a different topic for a different entry. Nothing to do with next one. TO BE EXTRACTED AND PAID BY A TOOTH FAIRY NEXT TIME.

[1] I have listened about but I’m not familiar with the details, for there are always details.

[2] Maybe I’m really dull or just couldn’t get the book, not sorry about it. Not everybody has read Me Jane searches Tarzan. We’re even.

[3] Disambiguation: 18 year old guys I used to taught English to —maybe the opposite? — they were a bit spoiled.

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