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Many readers complain a lot when one of the leads is nothing but red flags (in the section comment of Webtoon for example)… In spite of the bad comments, those stories still have as many or even more visits than the really sweet ones. Why? Cause there’s conflict (and the writer has the stomach to take bad comments hating their characters).

It is plagued by trouble. And this is why I say it is the second most liked plot. It oftenly goes hidden among a hero’s plot or an action plot to spice things up when the action becomes too much or the hero’s path becomes too harsh.  Spidy-Mary Jane, Mario-Peach, Naruto-Sakura-Hinata-Sasuke, Catherine Wells-the Bulgarian who isn’t a Bulgarian , Arwen-Aragorn, Firecatcher-Ewan, Howl-Sophie, eh… fill in the line with your fav couple from any non explicitly romance genre plot ____________________.

This plot will support the main plot as training wheels do help to surf the odds of keeping two wheels standing. It will help to keep a hideous murder entertaining by giving us the purpose of the 16 knife wounds. And it is the most difficult or them all… «WHY?! It is my favourite genre and I want to write super sweet wholesome stories!» is what I can listen to your brain shout.

Why… How many blogs like this are there out there? How is it that this blog has caught your attention despite all of them others? There are a lot of blogs and vlogs like this one, 500[1]? Talking about writing fiction.

So, it is almost impossible to write something original and magnificent. Note the almost. According to Lucy Worsley, romance was invented in Britain with Emily Brontë. According to Diana Uribe, it was invented by the Sufis…. My radar thinks it has over 5000 years of being. Maybe not as a genre but as part of other stories. As if Enkidush didn’t become human after a woman’s love… His relationship with Gilgamesh is one of the usual stages I’ve read for boy love. There’s a bunch of stories to read if you just want to create something slightly different.

And remember, three times must love be tested. Only once it has, it is true and there’s nothing we would wish more than true love becoming true.

So, in romance the how is much more important than the ending itself. WE ALREADY KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN.

So what? Things are rough. Taboos as impediments used to be great against love. It was easy to create a juicy steaming forbidden love (juicy drama oozing plot and be aware I said oozing drama and not other substances). But taboos such as skin colour, sexuality, rank, social status -princess falling for servant… adultery or incest —of them all, the only one we have kept till these days more or less. 

Taboos change. Black Romeo falling for a Caucasian Juliet is not anymore the same drama of the decades of 1960-1980; when such a marriage was illegal in America. In any case, we can change location to Korea and then our drama is filled by discrimination from the parents. Or we make them to be dirty blooded and iuuk. Pure blooded and dirty blooded?! Impossible. A big reason and axis idea to Malfoy never falling for Ginny or Hermione. I’m afraid I’m not being ironic. Malfoy’s capability to look at humans who are not mixed is quite similar to that of a zealot.

Rats! Yeah…rats! Create frustration, misunderstandings, ruptures, disagreements. Make the green monster of jealousy to raise its head. Just don’t be systematic. Anytime boy love runs out of gas, they systematically add a third wheel about to end. Be… less predictable. We want to know HOW is it that the lovers get together or get apart. Entertain our morbid curiosity.  

So far the highway. I guess it is time to make a stop and rest, eat or go potty. See you next time when t done more nonsense. Like, comment and suscribe.

Pasto kalo.

[1] Maybe my exaggerated perception or an underestimation. It was after the doubt of how many blogs are there, that I really doubted if this blog would survive. And then I shrugged and thought in the most realistic way that probably not but I would keep trying. Since I didn’t study literature, my circus includes different freaks to the ones you usually see in such blogs.

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