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Is love a walk in the park? Km1

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“La trama y el desenlace”. This is the name of a song of Robert Drexler and can be more or less literally translated to Plot and ending (which sounds ugly). It summarizes quite well what a romance should be. How?


Practically there’s no more predictable plot than a romance. If it is a tragic one, either one of them dies or both do[1]. If it is a happy ending, the being meets being and they have to end up together very happily… Unless you’re Geniffer Alvin and make the first guy’s body to host the second guy’s thread (soul) so you can meet this requirement.

I know. It is easier to say «boy meets girl» but honesty more than inclusion[2]. Nowadays even dragons fall in love with elves/humans/witches[3] and there’s even a beast head human body category called furry… Or faeries do like rabbits with vampires in supernatural orgy TV.

I mean that from the very beginning, this quality of super popular genre (to my opinion the second and to Ronald B. Tobias —20 master plots- the 14th of the ranking) comes with a great weakness. IT IS TOTALLY PREDICTABLE FOR IT HAS A SPOT LIGHT TELLING US: THESE ARE THE LOVERS AND THEIR DESTINY.  There’s no way we don’t know.


Because from that moment on, everything goes like a rubber band. Our pair might be close physically but lightyears away emotionally from each other or… None. And we want them together. Thus the rubber band stretches to the point of breaking and we fear it lashing our faces. Until the author delivers them happy (or dead) on stage and we can breath. It is all about to wall up the way of the lovers. I see clouds in the horizon and obstacles and bad news.

Until next time.

[1] Romeo and Juliet, Ana Karenina, Ghost.

[2] Let’s not fool ourselves, the different colours or the rainbow have always been there just not acknowledged*, has given us a wider range of encounters.

[3] In Shard, webtoon, the female lead falls in love with a gender changing devil. He is male for a while and then changes to being female. Thus the witch can enjoy kind of pleasures. Don’t ask me. I just read.

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