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Why do we like black horse plots? p. 2

Black horse, animal image

Their fight is ours for we want it won. That’s the reason why we like underdog plots. Or why we enjoy to tears the black horse going on stage and opening their mouth to maze us.

Their fight is the fight of the inner beauty against the exterior, the defeated boxer against the invictus, the good — sometimes not strong enough but very well armed with a smashing irony (old Spidy…) against the evil, the cute pig against ancient use(being eaten), the individual against the inhuman regime, the wrongly misunderstood against the lack of acceptance (tough Kitano is not for fighting, he will have to passively defend himself due to the author’s meddling).


The lead character is us (notice the change of wording, new orders bring new wording… the hero is dead in name for we can’t forget there are secondary characters).  It is us against the system, anonymous, without a face or advantage. Us without an Ivy league PhD nor a genius IQ.

Us in a clear disadvantage. The Slumdog millionaire smeared in excrement. In a worse place than us. Yet us, some minute of our lives.

Are you immune to We’re the champions? Or the Rocky OST? Pam Pam Pam bam…


All right. Were ready to tear up and down the stairs. To prove ourselves… three times. As in fairy tales.

Cinderella has two dances and three chances to fight. The first against the step mother. Second against the sister who cuts off her talons and third against the sister who cuts off her toes.

Angel densetsu is a bit different. Being it a Shounen without the need of much plot, the author pile ups fights with new enemies and new friends until the pot thread gives out (more like secondary character gives up). The same way Spiderman adds multiverses, new enemies, new personal circumstances.

Babe has to prove himself thrice too. First by surviving, second by failing and almost being cooked and third by moving the sheep.

McMurphy is the only one who loses. Remember, the director had to survive a Spring Revolution explode in Khrushchev’s era. There’s no way his optimism could remain intact. In spite of it, McMurphy’s friend chief Bromden is free to go through the hole. Nonetheless he stays or not according to our own wishes. Most of us stay, the mad house is better known than the unknown.


We know how this end (except the exception). The lead character wins and gets what they have set themselves for. Otherwise, we feel cheated of our prize.

It doesn’t mean we have to make Andy in a wheelchair (Andy does his part of being super hero just by moving around the city…) to fight Godzilla. It is possible by making Andy a smarter guy but that… That makes him a different being to an underdog. No. We need hope. And hope can make us vote stupid things.

So would you like to become our dark horse by writing a comment? Maybe encourage my endeavours against the publishing houses and algorithms with a heart?

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