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Do you like Cinderella? Rocky? Angel densetsu? Spiderman[1]?  Babe? A flew over the cuckoo’s nest?

… What the blood has Cinderella in common with Rocky? Cinderella won’t punch her stepsisters… New action live[2] Disney version?  After all, right now, there are no good writers to create new fairy tales [wrong, they’re all busy drawing webtoon but since they’re a little too off the family topics[3]].

Before I continue nonsensing [a new verb adapted from chorrar, which is my favourite thing to do while writing and means to think nonsense], thou has to know this bity thing I’m sure you already know yet, it would be rude of me to assume. The Cinderella I’m speaking about is the pre Disney one. The one who has two BEAUTIFUL stepsisters instead of two ugly ones and an almond tree as godmother.

The Chinese remake by the Grimm brothers and Perrault? —have you read it in Ingliñol or Spanglish so you can leave me a taste of it? Isn’t there anything original out there? No. You can tell it your own way and spice it with paprika instead of black pepper but the potato is still the potato. So, let’s (you and I) analyze. Get uncomfortable in your wheeled chair and have the plot lay down on the couch. It needs Zoloft.


So to begin with: the main character is through a hit of fortune that has left them vulnerable and without rent, credit card nor car nor job. So to speak.

Cinderella is under a wicked stepmother. Seiichiro Kitano has gone to high school without a single friend and everyone confuses his no pupil eyes and pale face with the ones of a vicious drug addict. Peter has just lost uncle Ben or aunt May [whichever version]. Babe is away from her mother and all awaiting him is becoming ham. Randle McMurphy has given up his sanity in exchange of working his ass in prison… Ok. Maybe this one has no much to do with being hit by bad luck but meeting the nurse Ratchet is very bad fortune in my opinion[4].


As a bunch, this stories are all fighting against the system.

<<It represents the ability of the one over the many, the small over the large, the weak over the powerful, the “stupid” over the “smart.”>>

Ronald B. Tobias. 20 Master plots

Individual creativity against the savage capitalism… A person against a system looking at them as a nurturing derivate or our prejudiced notions of good looks. Anything set in the stone of status quo.

Once we have been given a taste of the before and after the bad luck hit, they will be given or discover a gift to fight the odds. The almond branch, the responsibility of a great power, a shepherd momma, a king sized Indian, a rival coward sempai that will end being their subordinated or a loving woman. Do you remember? The hero meets the allied.

Ready to become my ally with your like? What about being a lead character by leaving a comment about your favourite underdog plot?

Pasto kalo.


[1] Spiderman is not a pure underdog plot. It is mix of superhero, hero quest and action plot

[2] In this genre, I will recommend the Chinese Mulan version. Quite realistic, not romantic oriented and super cool cause it is well told. I’ve watched it at least twice or thrice.

[3] Mybe writing blogs aboit how to write fiction? Nah, I’m not good enough yet.

[4] The director Milos Forman lived through or escaped a tanked repression by the communist regime (not sure which), thus this movie is the only one that ends really badly of the group I analyze.

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