How to write fiction

Is the muse on holidays? Writer’s block

Inscribe yourself to Duolingo to learn a language. Seriously… the phrases used to teach languages are that strange that they seem sparklers by a random generator phrase app. Despite whatever grammatical usage they want to teach —since they will never teach you any grammar. Of course something good the app had to have, given the fact it is free, horribly oriented to translating more than actual learning and this ain’t advertising (why aren’t they paying me anything for this piece I wonder?[1]).  

I mean, just with phrases as the following ones, one could write at least a good piece.

  • Our egg. Is this a phrase by two birds speaking about their future chick? Is it an egg shared by two poor people that will end killing each other for it?
  • He drinks black alcohol. Have you seen black alcohol? I haven’t… Maybe it is one of the magical concoctions J. K. Rowling forgot to add to the magical world of H.P.
  • They (female elles) have a red dress. Do they lend it to each other? Doesn’t it belong to only one of them as it is more usual? Is it the dress of a theatre company? Is it a dress in a store?
  • We eat a bar of butter. The whole package and single? No bread? What about cholesterol?! This seems possible in Alaska, where you need all the possible fat but… Have you eaten butter this way?
  • Boys aren’t women … Tough in some cases this clearly needs clarification in mor of pure interest and gender pronoun sake, this admits a lot of LGBT+ discussion (asexuals and no binaries included).
  • There are no mountains in the sea… (And the ones in the bottom? Have they been named with a different geographical denomination? I mean the rifts are cliffs but…  You get it)
    The police officer died at 9. This is quite good for a suspense or crime tale! Even as an excipit is delicious. What happened? Why?

    See? If you’re out of ideas and desperate to break a writer’s block, use the app… No, I insist. This ain’t advertising (if you haven’t tried it I’m quite sure you’re already downloading it just to check if I’m crazy or looking up a YouTube-Tik tok to check it up).  Why? Because in spite of my puss in boot eyes, Duolingo will treat this entry as nothing. After all, they haven’t commissioned it, it is not their blog and it sparkled in me the nonsense of writing how to use random nonsensical stuff to write fiction. For in Spanish, I don’t know if it happens the same in the target language; these are ridiculous and distract me from learning. * Every country’s reality, in particular those so far to be even known, can give sense to sentences that seem unintelligible to us. Like the joke of eating fried food with tteokboki sauce… This already too much philosophy for me.

[1] Must be I mention the bad points?

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