Sunday word hunter: poetry and nonsense,  To beloved ones

For Saint Exupery’s fox

close up shot of sakhalin fox
Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on

First I draw.
Second I think:
What else do I need?
A spell, I say.

Cats on top of his list.
I’m a single parent in need.
English for proton’s sake.
Otherwise, how do you speak?

Handy and fun,
Tall and lean…
Slanted black eyes, yes sir.
Honest and lively.
A man in the house[1]?
I back a bit on my needs.
Still. It’s time to be tamed.

Dear fox, I’m not a prince.
Princess? Not in a million years!
Plainly a witch.
Do you mind to be charmed?

[1] Fiction again… I don’t need a man, either in the house or wherever.

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