How to write fiction

Review and survive the urge to destroy (your fiction masterpiece)

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The website says to review is to see again and more. It is the worst step of them all. You might discover you wrote …that. Manure. The inquiry of all times is «Is this for me or to be read by others?»

Is it for you? It can sit there unchanged. But if it is to be read by others’ it has to be clear and become something worth money. Do justice and kill it if needed.

Do you know something? When sewing garments, sometimes you must unsew. It is boring. But after time, you simply become used to face it and do it. You unsew so you can do better. You also become aware of the moment when, after unsewing too many times, the fabric has been perforated and the pieces are no longer usable. Time to change project or leave it as such and store it until you can recycle it.


This is similar to unsew. Change first person POV instead of a third person POV and this was something that was happening when writing this in Spanish. Now, I don’t remember why but I can see it worked out better.

A torture that’s worth time is good watching bad movies/novels… What for?! Because we can find the mistake and contrast it against our own shit. Is this too fast? Too slow? Is the solution too easy? Am I belittling the readers? Is it credible? Does it need to be seen from a different perspective?[1]

Something important: once you figure out how to write a book, it is granted the next one doesn’t come out any easier.


May I ask why when trifles are quite delicious?[2] Some authors and editors writing/editing books dislike a lot the urgentlys, slowlys…  Adverbs. Can’t they see I’m anxiously waiting for someone to tell me where and how to use them?

For a short fact. Adverbs should be restricted to when necessary, so we don’t abuse them and can use them properly. Not to abuse and add them in time is something to be learnt. Take a peek at the site. It has a graphic answer to this problem (I had no idea writers were Graphic communication designers…). Seriously! The information comes in graphically. Be sure to thank mentally those who made the chart for they found a solution to the problem of showing.

So far, you’ve read the three most basic steps to edit and survive the urge to destroy. Now, if you feel like destroying the page… please don’t comment, don’t like and don’t subscribe. Your likes are good reason to keep doing this.

Pasto kalo.

Review you fiction masterpiece,

Erase all triffle,

Experiment writing techniques

[1] On the original entry I made this footnote to add a poem. I don’t think it’s needed here.

[2] Or so I think they must be by an expensive good patisseur and in the original entry triffle or “minucia” sounds similar to “menudencia”, the entrails of chicken. And I really like boiled chicken liver.

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