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How to write a fiction masterpiece… in theory 3

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Hallo. This is the last batch of advice from Wi… That. We’re about to delve into the mysteries of writing fiction through what I’ve read and done but not published. I’m just a shameless one who writes about nonsense. And so, here.


…. Do you remember my bout about real and unreal and History in the same series of entries? Well the wi…ow page voices for making the things credible enough within the universe of the novel. Worked out characters, of consistency, laws of chemistry and physics in place. That stuff. Or magic rules such as being able to shot only one spell at a time…

This can be bent a little. You can find characters who are super short sighted in manga, whose glasses are round and big… ­­­That will never weight so much to fall every time they look down. I mean, I’m kind of an expert on it. My eyesight requires very and by very I mean VERY thick spectacles. Even with the special plastics. I always ended up with scratched glasses because the damn things were so heavy, they fall from my nose just by looking down. Thus, I can tell. No glasses are light enough to not fall from your nose being that short sighted! Unless you wear the goggle type… Oh, and your eyes look bigger. Not smaller. Thus, I think these manga authors just glide over the fact of density and weight and the need of a strap. But straps make you look like a grandma  \(-_-)/.

Thencefore, exercise!


Right. A tired brain does what drunkards do. Spew unconnected stuff.  Go to the movies, kiss the love of your life (the cat of course!), spoil the dog, stroll the toddler… Sleep. It is forbidden to think all the time in the plot.


Yes… To review and edit (I know I should be promoting editors but there’s something called self edition too) is to be done.

It’s almost the same as being an accountant. Your numbers (data) have to sumate or you will be burn in the stake of audience’s wrath. Tough, it is common to forget what colour where the eyes of the main character or if he had or not a beautiful mother…


And now they tell me? Asimov hated writing fiction cause it took him 6 months, something that didn’t happen to him with not fiction and certainly not with short stories (he wrote them in a single day)… Why? Cause novels require a bit more to unravel and they change to characters’ actions. And sometimes, characters do things that make you go crazy. Fighting!

So that’s it about writing a master piece. Next time… Ta Chan! How to review your text without trashing it… Hopefully.

Don’t overthink your like and be kind to my nonsense. Pasto kalo.

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