How to write fiction

How to write fiction in 10 steps (Do the Wikihow listed steps really work?)

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Yeah, that’s right. Before I got myself entangled into the amusing task of writing seriously… I didn’t read a single book, a sole webpage or tried to get myself into any of the many, overflowing courses out there.

Disgraceful? Let’s say that any other way; I wouldn’t have learnt a thing. Why? Cause failing, teaches us we must learn. Which is why TODAY, I can review the 10 steps to write fiction you can find in Wikihow (with images). All from my own inexperienced unpublished author, in a congenial way.

So… do the 10 steps work? I’m going to review it in a easy access content table and afterwards, I’ll think to explain it all detailed to an I’s dot.


 Advice from the renown webpageAccording to me
 Be creative! Imagination has no limits. Don’t let others to steal your ideas.Creativity has nothing to do with veing able to finish a plot. Artfully, you require it to start one, you are going to need a lot more knowledge to write a novel. And lots and lots of stubborn energy. Learn to start and see through things.
 Get an idea. Simple, it can come in a dream or any daily happening you have noticed.Always, always, always, do have something to write on reach. It doesn’t matter if digital or analog. Though, an idea alone can’t be stretched as chewing gum if what you might is to write a novel. Turn that idea into conflict.  
 Write your idea. No matter how stupid it sounds like.You just write. Don’t think how stupid or bad the idea is as step number 3 says. Thinking something as stupid will only deter you from doing.  
 Work out the details and the main story. Create unique characters.Whatever it is you will write is determined by what you have read or seen. As a scientist said: “we stand on the shoulders of giants” Whatever you do will never be absolutely original. What makes it unique is your own voice.  Study and research.
 Don’t copy from others. Be yourself.Copy. Learn how it Works and why it Works. Once you know, you can and will use your own voice. It might not sell to write as a XIX century writer but it certainly helps to know how it works.
 Decide if what you want is a short novel or a novel. How many words? (In the Spanish speaking world, you will be counting pages)Be yourself. There are authors who write little and authors who write 400 pages just to choose a plot.
 Write a manuscriptEVERY single job is an sketch until you have reviewed it or given it to a skilled editor for help.
 Review your spelling and gramar. In case you don’t know how to write something, check it up in a dictionary or ask.Write every single day but take everything calmly. Life tends to get in the way. And YES, BUY YOURSELF A DICTIONARY.
 Read it again and ask help from a friend or familyLearn to trashcan. NO matter how much youlike a scene, if it doesn’t work… IT IS GARBAGE. It is better to get a beta reader, frequently friends or family have no time or are not cultured enough in plots to give a useful review. Plus, you need someone to tell you stuff.
 Write it all over with the corrections.Have fun. Even if the process makes you scream, feel like washing the dishes or clean the cat’s litter. If you don’t have fun, no one will want to read you. (This and number one are interchangeable).

Next entry, why and how is it the such advice works. And why to keep an eye in other stuff.


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