Lunes de patchwork

The bells that ring at midnight by Dan Reynold

De nuevo, referencia sobre el cuento con un nombre similar para Drawlloween. Un poco en la línea del suicidio con galletas de animalitos pero igual cualquier poeta o dibujante o programador se sentirá identificado… ¿Te identificas tú?

The bell that rings at midnight makes us weep
and taints the tears that fall upon the page.
It mocks the lost ideas we fail to keep,
and clouds our dreams with caustic camouflage.

Enveloping and shrowding every shred
of forced imagination’s courted word.
The writers drag their sorry ar$e to bed,
the search is now abandoned as absurd.

The pillow waits and greets them with regret,
no solace there, no respite from the fight.
Impossibly we chase the Poet’s Debt,
the muse has turned her back on us in spite.

They’re turning to their meds to help them sleep
The bell that rings at midnight makes us weep

Dan Reynolds Friday, May 13, 2011

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