Bleeding crown

Deep inside the hallway, in a cell carved from the wall, a man suffered hunger.

The place had dim light and it wasn’t impossible to pass by without noticing. And only those with an audience would roll by that hallway. That’s when, sometimes, you might notice his eyes looking at you and his protruding bones under the mocking purple velvet.

I hated the hallway. I hated the audience hall. To the most, there was this person whom I wanted to burn to ashes, among all those dead just picked flowers and gold and carvings. The elders said it was awe of god but… What awe can be there with despair?

To my own fortune, I’m… well, just me. Not long necked or busty or… Well, pretty. That man has funny ideas of what to do with you if you’re pretty. None of the pretty partners I have had the last year have lasted more than a month in the job. We’re supposed to get in and clean all the human… Yes, that. Which is difficult to be done in the quasi darkness in there and being watched by his snake eyes that never blink.

Today, full moon, I did something I won’t ever be able to confess to anyone. The last black moon, the uncrowned king decided he didn’t want anyone feeding them in the cage. He made a sign and the two winged guards took me from the waist and presented me as if I were a fruit from a tree. It burnt like a giant mosquito bite. That itchiness of the fire and then nothingness.

I might have stumbled all the way home and by then it was night again. They made me go back to the hall.

The hungry man wasn’t a man. It was just a wood carving put there to scare us. I realized using my ears and nose to get to myself to do the job. Greb introduced me to Carol. In spite of his name, Carol was a guy. A very soft skinned guy. I thought he, would like to whip him till he flyed his sweet nature. Oh I can tell. The two winged guards kicked me a few times. Carol tried his best to clean with me and he doubted about getting close to the throne when I advised him not to.

Yet, the waxing moon came and I found Carol with a thorned crown on his head lying in the cage carved in the wall. I could feel and listen to his breath. I could feel and smell his blood. His face all gone.

His wounds I wrapped in pieces of cloth wet with pee. Then I took him out the place to the stables. It was even harsher getting water from there than from the kitchen but I did. Next, I think I drugged the wine bottle for tomorrow night.

Tonight, I got close to his throne. The winged guards didn’t even look at me. They think they can kick me anytime. I had the thorn crown he had placed on Carol’s head with me.

The darkness was there for those who see, to despair. No light, no human lord. Nothing to do against his power. Well, I got myself behind his throne.

A knife on a «god». Then, as he was mostly ignoring me; I plunged the crown into his skull. And, since I meddle a little with a heavy stone inside the velvet, the biggest nail I fixed in a side, cracked the bone. The king couldn’t wince or protest…

Tomorrow, the elders with an appointment will find something else than a king.

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