The price is fright

Shuffle, shuffle and take one card away. I am the insider, and the word: «fright».

Roger is to my right, Leslie to my left and the twins Katy-Kenneth in front. Katy is the master. She swallows. She has seen the card too. It didn’t had numbers or words as usual. It had a tiny character robed in black with its metal aimed to itself.
Katy: I am the master, you might start now.
She turns the hourglass and our time runs out by the grain.
Leslie: is it food?
Roger: is it a person?
Katy doubts because of the anthropomorphic guy but thinks hard on the word and denies. I sweat cause there are not abstract concepts in the game. The white guy has already warned us not to tell the others.
I think all the possibilities I can ask but they all give away what’s happening… Is it a new word? Is it something abstract? Is it a… TV programme! No. No TV programs are mentioned.
Me: is it in the dictionary?
Les and Roger glare at me. Every single word there on the cards IS in the dictionary!
Katy is getting anxious and desperately needs a clue for them. Her forehead is dewy in sweat.

Katy: no. It is not in the dictionary.

Roger is about to rise and start a fight but Les places a hand on his chest and shooks. Katy giggled in the masculine voice she lost to hormones to make it a joke so Leslie has taken bait. Roger is going to be useless in this game but now Les knows how to keep him at bay.
Les: is it funny?
Katy: sometimes
Me: does it happen in special places?
Katy: sometimes
The hourglass is already marking half.
Roger: does it bark.
Katy: no.
Kenneth: is it abstract?
Katy doesn’t say yes but nods too much.
Me: is it a big or a small word?
Everyone else: yes or no questions!
Me: is it a small word? I mean, short?
Les: is it for girls?
Katy: sometimes.
Kenneth: is is life?
Katy reflects. Fright is a part of life but no. It ain’t life.
Roger: is it… [Les kicks him from under the table but Roger actually ignores the warning] Is it scary?
Katy waves her head but freezes to a glimpse of the Death pointing at her with a bony index. She and I are the only ones who can see it.
Katy: yes, it is scary…
Me: is it an scary object?
Katy: no… It is not.
Big tears fall from her eyes. We’ve ran out time. Game is over.

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