Scary tales

Winter is here! Yep, winter. Do you have any idea what is life like for me in summer? I spend days tugged inside a metal cabin; sweating a lot in an over 40°C place, suffocating of humidity. Isn’t it the right weather to pass away? And I don’t. Today too, I better get myself in that cabin…. Yes, I hate it. I’d prefer being naked at the beach.

I turn around and my twi… Okay. I’ll say it. We aren’t twins. We’re Siamese. There’s a thin line of skin keeping us together and our head. It is hard to sever it because it has a lot of thin veins running along that shouldn’t really be messed with. Not if we want our head to stand strong… We only have a pair of limbs, damn it! Didier is slightly smaller than me. He wakes up feeling scratchy.

Today is the day. We prepare with a great mackerel and tomato salad breakfast. We are going to rule the world! Didier says I’m too much of an odd ball. I’m Dima by the way.

The jail is over us. There are men in suits making bets. Women of scarce clothes bet. Oh, the women… It ain’t time to think in the women. We have to work smashing that pair in front of us. His white short is going to end up red!

The bell rings. Here is our assault and our left foot connects with his right arm. Next pour a rain of fists onto his torso. We can’t connect them. Everything is fine… Everything is fine. We just need to smash his Siamese.

No, everything is not okay! We see a knee coming our direction. It is big and hard and damned John forgot to wear the cup! Help!

This has been just one of the scary tales (of the testicles)

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