A brunch with a banshee

This is uncomfortable. I’m the only one eating. She is staring at my rare steak with what I’ll call hunger. She spent all day in the office, quiet as a mouse and now we’re here in a three stars restaurant (only crazy people pay for the air they’re served), and she won’t eat.

My date with this long haired beauty is going nowhere if we can’t have a decent conversation. I’m the only one whose tongue is in service and it’s already been 20 minutes. I know, most men can monopolize a conversation just to try and IMPRESS the girl, but that’s not good at all. I suddenly go quiet too. Is she so uninterested?

Aiblin looks up from her untouched plate. I scratch my head. How can we eat together and have fun? There’s a mirror to my left. My sideburns are creeping down my cheeks. That reminds me it is that time of the month for me. Yeah, we might be able to do that. There’s a sound. It is my cellphone in vibration mode with a message from her: «Are you ok? You look irritated. I hope you don’t feel disappointed. I can’t eat cause I can’t open my mouth. My reflux is acting up».

I snicker. She flinches and looks hurt. I call the waiter. She starts looking inside her bag to split the bill. We wait. I take the paper bag brought by the waiter, pay and get up. She gets up too and is ready to flee but I’m faster. I grab her hand and silently lead her outside. She can’t even protest. Outside, in the blurry lights of the street due to the fog, her feet are blurry too. Her whole presence has become blurry and incorporeal.

My car. A cheap Japanese model. I open her door and push her inside together with the paper bag. The motor roars like a kitten, it is a hybrid model. Right, I need to re-charge the battery… Let’s go with gas. The highway is empty so we go for miles and miles until the gas is over. Equally the picnic site next to the edge of the forest is all right. Aiblin sends me a text «Thanks for the night but I think I need to go home». I smile and start taking my clothes off. She gasps and covers her mouth as soon as she realizes of it. She blushes but still glances my way and admires what I’ve been sculpting running under the moon.

My naked butt is out of sight (the front is). I write a text back before I can’t use my fingers anymore: «Follow me, and bring the food». The moon light shines to our howling in the woods. It’s never going to be a brunch with a banshee but who cares.

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