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Shave and scare a cut

Nothing out of routine. Surgery and…

All right. This isn’t a tale or a plot. To tell you the truth, I gave up on this one. The title says nothing to me and, unlike the many others I have voogled and extracted at least an idea to work around with; the browsing was void. And for void I present you with the following images.

The first is my search without quotation marks followed by my search in between quotation marks. But the weirdest of all, was the last search since, as you can see has some porn page. Yes, you are right! I couldn’t help clicking.

My curious nature about writing topics and the lack of ideas took me to a page that screamed: «bogus«. That was the last stop of my curiosity. Then, without many threads, I went up with the first suggestion. To shave testicles. I know men feel scared of damage to their nether regions so the «scare» part would be covered with it. 

Hereby my question «What kind of surgery does require shaving testicles?». I found a number of surgeries related to male reproductive organs. Most for infants or done above the scrotum area using modern thin tubes to insert cameras and instrumentation. Thus, things I’m not particularly acquainted with. Which might be no problem if this were to become a larger piece.

It is not. In consequence, I’m following my own rule: «If you don’t have idea what to write about, write about you not having idea what to write about».

So far, I hope you’re liking my monthly vacation. Pasto kalo.

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