Judge sludge

<<Following tradition, someone decorated a box with money inside, as a cake and took it with them to the court. It was nothing more than a traffic fine but the girl had been arrested before …

As usual, John was starting the first day of summer camp in his owm traditional way. A ghost story that he had spent the whole winter concocting while coordinating a whole team of aeronautical engineers on the metaphorical drawing board of the simulators.

Oh, I’m Suzzane Baskerville and I’ve never been married out of my own volition by the way, officer Snider. So, this was my fifth summer camp and John’s fourth as professional staff and as I was telling you… We were around the fire, listening to John’s…>>

The detective Snider lifted a brow. He already knew she was Suzanne Baskerville. This was one of those women who like telling you everything you don’t need to know and forget the most important stuff or don’t tell you the important stuff because «it is private». After telling you who suffered hemorroids and who was being cuckolded. He looked at her short sleeves and Bermuda’s with envy. The weather out there was of 37°C… In the station, he didn’t even want to imagine because of the broken A/C whilst his blue trousers would get themselves stuck to the chair with his sweat.

He nodded and smiled, waiting for the woman to get to the strange corpse they had found on the canoes’ cabin. A green mass of a melted person (it had the rests of a human face) . He had wanted to call the CDC the moment he entered the cabin, but his superior refused since the person who had found it seemed all right. No coughing, no fever, no vomit. In a words, Ji-Hoon Yoo didn’t seem to be infected with anything.

Rock Snider took a subrepticious look at his watch…He froze in the spot. His wrist was green… He tried to speak but found the inside of his throat felt like chocolate syrup inside the skin. He looked up to the woman and his damned round glasses, her round body that looked a little bit green now.

—I pass the doom judgement on the crime of not listening, young man

She reached the interrogation room and went out, leaving a trail of green slime behind her.

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