Avocado ghost

I didn’t believe in ghosts and ghost didn’t believe in me. Or at least it didn’t use to…. Until last week.

A month ago, I was taking a bath. It was one of those long, long baths with bubbles and salts and candles. So I was there, totally relaxing from a busy day with tons of reservations because of the Ghost and religions conference in the Blue Hall of the hotel I work at, when someone… Well, I’m not sure they’re people.

So, I was there, relaxing with eyes closed and the Schubert’s mass in g Benedictus, wondering if the black or the purple vibrator would be better than the other when… Was it a blue?, white? or maybe it is most accurate to say it was like a transparent blur that turned everything white and black at its other side?; passed through the door. It went directly to the mirror to eliminate some fraying from his persona. Ghosts are like this image we see in movies but all around them, they have like threads they go loosing around. It seems this happens every time a medium contacts them so they try not to come upon one. Oh, yes. It was looking at the mirror while cutting when it got paralysed and looked over its shoulder. It turned around quickly, it seemed it had seen something horrible! It started to babble and tremble to lastly turn around. It screamed when he saw me looking at them from the bathtub.

Afterwards we must have encountered each other in the kitchen, the laundry room or the same bathroom. Every single time, it would tremble, contorting its face and opening its mouth. It seems ghosts don’t have sliver but they emit steam. And so it kept on going as it was, until I asked over my half shaved beard of two days , to the fleeting blur I could see in the mirror:
—Do you believe in humans? — The ghost stopped, stiff. She —why did it take that long to notice it was a she?— turned around very slowly. If something, I felt I should have been the one scared shitlees but she looked so scared I couldn’t help but feel protective. I have an older sister who is way shorter than me.
—No… I… I didn’t—She wrapped up in a black shawl, resting her hands on her lap, over her green bodice dress.
—I see— It was all I could say while I observed how her persona frayed a little more around the edges.

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