Skate or die

The rest of the room is in darkness. The only light there is the screen of the computer.
His face is ragged. There’s dark under  his eyes and there’s a prickly stubble. Plus, he has a ketchup stain on the hoodie, almost a part of the brown fabric and invisible therefore, but still there.

A message comes into the screen and a girl he doesn’t know, with the funny nickname of  Mortgage asks: tabla? Mister System Debt, with one or two aficionado trophies in his bookshelves, sneak peaks into this gal’s profile. He sees nothing but men in swimming suits and thongs. Oh, and her age. She wasn’t born by the time of the SNES so come on…Time to kick some ass. <<Why not?>>   Replies System Debt.

Side by side, she in denim shorts and him in jeans, they go. This turn, a bit more and an obstacle of a wall. The coins to collect and the crows coming to rip their guts apart. The crows never touch her but are already tearing his clothes in the game.  <<What the f..? I don’t remember this game like this>>.
They keep going at it for a while. Some stair rails and many ramps in the city. Turns into supermarkets avoiding collisions with stacked cans of soup and stealing energy bars. But System Debt is already pulling up his T and the girl is showing nothing but her bare legs.

<<Wanna borrow?>>
<<Borrow what?>>
<<Money for clothes>>
System Debt doubts. It seems it is going to be difficult to win this one holding his T and pants with a hand… So yeah. He might have it a bit hard yet, hardships make winning sweeter. He borrows. The girl says the interests rate is of the 70% and that he has to pay before he gets taken by the police car at the end or his chips will be repossessed. System Debt wonders how much credit does he have on this game. He has not that much to worry about so, even if he loses, he thinks this will be embarrassing but exciting to tell his friends. A girl is trying to get him naked…

This time, there are subway escalators and tracks. But he is already covering his front with his hands… One more tunnel. Just one more tunnel… He goes collecting the coins but the rate interest is so high he barely pays anything.  

Besides, this is becoming boring. He stopped covering his front and went to the goal line. There they are the police patrol. He happily crashes against them.

His eyes go up to the face of the officers. He gulps to their horns and all he can think about is to unplug the Xbox. On the screen, in white letters he reads: GAME OVER. When he turns back, his life has already been repossessed.

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