Highway to the stranger zone

The stars spin around me while the engine’s silence tells me I’m going to die. And it seems like my fall goes as slow as the snow flakes coming with me to the ground. I close my eyes and see myself driving a lorry to Florinda? Anyplace as long as it is warm. I’m just done with the swamp like weather of my city. Nine months a year in the mud and the rest in the cold, and there’s no shoe that will survive long.

The fuselage is clean, without a single  shell in it. Yet the motor has gone off completely.

I saw it from a corner of the eye just ten to seventeen seconds from the MIG alley. It was small and cloud white. It tailed me as a fly tails a human ear… I knew he couldn’t use his gun so I simply turn in a U to get behind it. But I couldn’t complete the U. He was smaller and…slower. Mine is so fast… The engine choked when I tried to follow him.
I don’t see them but I know they’re there. Thus, I’ll plunge myself with this beauty into the sea.

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