Birthday snake

Tlic, tlac, tloc. Plop. The rain falls from the roof on the camellias whilst she waits. Her big hay hat to cover her face when she delivers the meat.
Inside the room, she knows of the blood and bodily fluids. Of her timed pain. She had done the same once.

Screams and grunting and finally silence. That woman was strong. It had taken her a while to recover enough to recover her freedom. It had been enough for the thing to start crying. So pitiful. This time, the chief came out soon, her hands in blood.
—Was the child returned to the heavens?— asked Shinji.
—She did but she used her green belt to strangle it
Shinji clicked her tongue. —The meat, is it fine?
—What do you think? It is becoming blue — the owner shrugged and went to get a kamuro.
Shinji entered the room. A woman slept peacefully on a futon. To her side, on the floor, the meat she had to deliver to that lord… As the owner had said, there was a green woven snake on the neck of the meat. Shinji took it off and bundled the meat in a silk piece of cloth with a rabbit woven into its pattern.

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