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How to get rejected by any editor and 3 proposed chamomile tea ideas to avoid so

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OK so from last week we learnt our poor editors and I’m not talking about free lance editors who will properly read you for the right amount, have a very close to stable manure moving lad life and can’t teach you how to organize your thoughts or think your selling strategies. That is something you will have to do on your own.

So, how to fix your life regarding your hot burning desires to bring this baby you wrote to a publishing house?

3 non related ways to writing that might get your book accepted:

  • Write full proposals. THE MORE COMPLETE, THE MORE PROBABLITIES YOUR JOB MIGHT JUMP FROM REJECTED TO READ. And in order to write full proposals you need to learn marketing.

So learn marketing before you learn how to write.

Start by lurking around the craft guilds in FB, IG, Twitter. And by craft guilds I mean groups who read and publish about your genre. Not sure what your genre is? Look at the tags of the things you read. What comes in is what comes out. So mine should be something like #supernatural comical romance. Which doesn’t exist. Does it?


If you can see and understand what they have to do, you might be able to learn and do.

Everyday tasks are the most crucial abilities you need to pinpoint. So, when they come into your proposal they will see their job done. Which might help them to clothe themselves with the joy cape of the salesman. We need these people in our corners. A passionate salesman will close the deal. You might only… become nervous.

  • Your success is tied to the success of the editor. Hence, the editor NEEDS that you analyze and know inside-out the characteristics and benefits of the product (your book). In consequence, part of your job is to bring in buyers by having and maintaining selling vantage points as a blog, twitter, FB or IG with as many followers as you can bring in.

This is an extra. If everything else fails… Become the next genius.

As you can see, if besides writing like the gods you have to plan, execute and bring in the numbers why do we need publishing houses? Oh, right. Because they can pay for the advertising and we mostly can’t.

Pasto kalo. Have the best week! Like, subscribe, comment and anything you need to increase

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