How to write fiction

How to write fiction playing Scrabble

I have work to do. I want to watch the YT video… (Yeah, me too). The day doesn’t last 32 hours. No human life is long enough. But… what about playing when the children are making a ruckus? Or on line, while you keep yourself away from a virus. To be scared of something killing so many people in so many strange ways, in a century that has no idea about the Spanish flu’s mortality rate or full scale war; is not embarrassing. Just take it easy, keep calm and admit you’re afraid so you won’t take any rash uninformed decision.

So if you were to live somewhere with re-infection (I hope not in China) or that you have already started placing your finger on the clock’s biometric scan (Congraulations! Nonetheless, don’t greet anyone handshaking or kissing and go on with the mask’s use no matter how many around you have been vaccinated) or not currently working (company bankruptcy or whatever); that I suggest to play… It ain’t funny. Or attractive…

But before we depres each other anymore… why top lay Scrabble as an idea sparker?

  1. Human mind works better when it plays. Not when you chase after a problem’s solution. Or, why does Google give so much importance to the laboral ambiance? Because when we’re doing nothing, that’s when inspiration comes ringing the door. So help your brain to get rid of the cobwebs and play for a while. It is much wiser than betting y even much better than drinking (note I’m not coercing you to stop drinking). Playing creates endorphins, it helps you relate better with people and in general, it distracts you.
  2. You can play it “open dictionary” mode (hontoni honto). This is included in the rules if you’re so kind to check it. It is ideal to be used with children and learn words together. It is better than school readings… I have seen them. Some are more boring than the Newspaper.
  3. Look at the image. A bit like Alarma newspaper, a Mexican tabloid which expertise is to cover front pages in petty graphic depictions of blood and violence. Yet, I think it is a good one (no, humbleness wasn’t invited to my party). It can become an idea sparkler. Like when someone is to rap and they have to put together all the words to make up a song. And it is different to electronic digital idea sparklers cause you’ll remember the fun. It can be used to draw comics if instead of writing, you draw an story using the words that come out in the game.
  4. Playing is the only thing which keeps brains young and sexy.

Can you think some more reasons to play? Luke, subscribe, hate it, do whatever you want. Pasto kalo.

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