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Three ways exercise improves your writing

Ejercicio invisible

So writing means not to move from your desk/bed/table/working surface in your opinion?…yeah, maybe. Isaac Asimov loved his apartment studio in New York and he would have wished it to be the spatial environment of many of his stories: artificial lights, a self sufficient and closed environment, a steel cave. In addition to that, he had a working schedule to kill anybody: from 5 a.m. to the fungi knows when and EVERYDAY; he hated travel but he exercised walking briskly the streets. He exercised.

Chuck Wending of whom I haven’t read anything else but advices about writing and none of his fiction; says that the writer is condemned to be “chubby”. And being chubby speaking about micro motives is a reason to change careers. So, if you despise being unfit, you can’t be a goof writer.

Writers are like any other office worker. They have check in times and gotta work the eight…or even more hours of a working day. Sometimes they eat unhealthily… they have to write hundreds of bad stories to get out something half decent…there’s the cheating. We need to remember words, we need a tool that can react using a part of the body that swallows tons of energy and for such a feat, we need to keep the machine called “body” keeping up. What’s the use of having a body which only brings trouble?

Yeah, there are writers who have created magnificent stories despite their physical limitations. None was a vegetal (mindset stated). All of them have had an awesome brain that allowed them to create.

Did you know that the worst thing that can happen to you after a stroke ain’t to die but to end your days unable to bate a lash? Isn’t it scary to start doing something you truly love for a simple body malfunction that could be avoided to blow out the train’s derail?

Exercise a bit to get the rolls under control:

  1. Gives your brain a break. A break doesn’t mean doing nothing. It means to change activities and with it, you would be sending oxygen to your brain. More oxygen brings out better results.
  2. Resting, you have your brain working subconsciously. And if you’re literally stuck with an idea; it is possible that exercising brings inspiration to see that invisible even in front of your eyes.
  3. It’s kinda obvious: it generates experiences! Experiences are like the items you go around picking up in role morphing- They’re the writer’s ammo. Example: yoga is good to get rid of anxiety…tough I am as well balanced as a drunk elephant[1] (sober they are able to do a lot of stuff); thus I get anxious every single time I have to stand on one leg in fear of meeting Mr. Floor. So this becomes something like: Whilst everybody else in yoga class breathed calmly; Minerva couldn’t stop gasoing like a fish. The posture was giving her a headache and she saw the tiles even closer. Till the next thing she saw was the instructor’s face above her with a lemon wrinkled face.
  4. Outdoors exercise allows you to see what, otherwise; you might not be present at. Birds, squirrels, cats…flower receptionist who are pretty and drool with your smile, a sunset…
  5. And you don’t even need to be an Adonis, Hemsworth or Venus for your body to be better.  Just with being in the green zone of your average weight will improve your life by being lighter instead of carrying around your body as a dead weight. Climbing the chair up will be less of a bothersome struggle and you will feel better long term.

Exercising is cool, ain´t it?

[1] Rosy is my family. Gerald Durrell.

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